Friday, December 16, 2011

4 Note Improvisation

Ambient 4 Note Improv by Neville1308
This is a track based upon four notes. Almost all parts are limited to using these four, except the main melody. It is a multi-tracked improvisation, with only one track needing a second take.

The instruments used are:
  • Korg Triton Studio
  • Rob Papen Albino II
  • Linplug CronoX
  • Arturia Prophet V
  • Arturia Modular Moog
  • Arturia CS80V
  • GForce ImpOscar.
I intend to keep working on this (especially the middle section) and post the progress as I go.

This is something of a departure for me (at least from my perspective) as this is much more electronic ambient.  Probably a result of me starting to listen to artists like Ian Boddy and the music of my piano teacher, Carmen Lazaro.  Not that I would compare myself to either of these artists, but more that they have shown me a new way to think about music and sound.

This is the first time in many years that I have used purely synthetic sounds, having previously tended towards real world sounds, albeit played via a synthesiser or sampler.  With the acquisition of some new VST plugins, the quality of the analog sounds now justifies their use.

It is a long piece, around ten minutes long with a slow start, a middle section which is slow (and still needs some working on) and an ending that is, you guessed it, slow.  This is not a piece to dance to but more of a soundscape to relax and let it wash over you.

I hope you enjoy it, or at least find it interesting.